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Utah Cord Bank (UCB) stands as its industry's Gold Standard for product effectiveness, innovation, and patient safety and service. As such, it is a leader in the American biologics industry, offering an ever-expanding array of products produced as an FDA-registered manufacturer encompassing mesenchymal stem cells derived from human placenta and umbilical cords.
Experience behind success
A company with over 14 years of experience processing perinatal birth tissue products into therapeutic agents. Dr. Eliott Spencer,  founder, owner, and Chief Scientific Officer for Utah Cord Bank has decades of experience working with human tissues and cells. The founding philosophy was to bring innovation and value to stem cell-based medicine. Since 2004, the company has been an industry leader and innovator achieving a long list of industry firsts.
Safe and Effective
UCB has an impeccable safety record, with zero 483 FDA Corrective Action notices nor any serious adverse event reports and complies with FDA 21 CFR part 1271 section 361 regulations. The company prides itself on its state-of-the-art technology and its ability to provide products of the highest standards in the industry. Each product can be traced by its Tissue ID Number to the original donor if ever such need arises in the future. UCB continues to push delivery of stem cell medicine forward on every front.
The UCB Advantage
Utah Cord Bank is a distinguished leader in the stem cell industry. Developing regenerative solutions that adhere to the highest quality standards, unique proprietary processes that maximize efficacy, and innovative use of cryopreservation resulting in a verified 85% cell viability post-thaw. The culmination of these strengths equals a concentration of therapeutic elements, providing an advantage to competitor products.

Regenerative Solutions

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Increased Flowability
As a regenerative medical therapeutic, StemVive® augments the body’s own restorative mechanism. Physician and patient-reported outcomes regarding StemVive® include accelerated injury healing, significant pain relief, and rebuilding of injured tissue, bone, and even nerves. The unique biologic structure of amniotic tissue in StemVive® make it an ideal choice for homologous clinical use.
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Concentrated Effectiveness
Stemii™ has supplemented the body’s natural healing process in conditions such as orthopedic, wound, and other tissue areas. As determined by a physician, amniotic tissue allografts have been used to augment treatment of tendon, ligament, fasciae, and capsule repair; synovial injuries, tendonosis, fasciosis, chronic and non-healing wounds, chronic neuritis and pain, and other physical needs.
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